Competitive Exams: Indian Geography Space

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Types of Industries and Locational Patterns

Space Relationship

  • 7th largest country (AREA) Total Area = 32,87, 263 Sq Km. 3,214 Km = North to South & 2,933 Km = West to East
  • Latitudinal extent 8°4 ‘N to 37°6’ N
  • Longitudinal extent 68°7 E to 97°25 ‘E (For mainland) -Southern most point Indira point or Pygmalion Point (Andaman and Nicobar Island) 64°5’ N
  • Indian Ocean is encircled by 46 countries (27 littoral including Australia, 7 island states and 12 landlocked countries) .
  • Palk Strait and Gulf of Mannar separates it from Sri Lanka
  • Coastline is 6,100 Km (along main land mass) and 7,516 Km

Border Distances

  • China India 4,225 Km
  • India Pakistan 4,090 Km
  • India Bangladesh 3,910 Km
  • India Myanmar 1,450 Km

Boundary Lines

  • Durand Line: Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Mac Mohan Line: India and China
  • Radcliff Line: India and Pakistan
  • Maginot Line: France and Germany
  • Hindenburg Line: Poland and Germany
  • Order Niesse Line: Poland and Germany
  • 38th Parallel: North and South Korea
  • 49th Parallel: USA and Canada
  • Mannerheim Line: Finland and Russia