Competitive Exams: Indian Geography West Coastal Plain

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Weather, Climate & Composition of Atmosphere

West Coastal Plain

  • Located between the western ghats and the Arabian sea coast
  • Narrow plain width 54Km
  • Drained by several short and swift streams which are unable to form deltas
  • There are several lagoons especially in the southern part of this plain.
  • The western plain has indented coast which supports many ports.
  • Mt is a submerged coast and hence tilting has left no scope for depositional action of the rivers.
  • Maidan Area of rolling plains with low granitic hills
  • Baghelkhand Plateau: East of Maikal range and norh of Mahanadi basin and bounded by Son on north. Antclinal hills and synclinal valleys of sandstones and limestone; occur to the south. Singauli basin is considerably dissected.
  • Chhotanagpur Plateau: Topography is marked by roundel granitic hills (exfoliation domes) and elevated terraces of older flood plains. Plateau is deeply dissected around it, edges giving rise to steep escarpments locally known as Ghats. Higher plateaus have flat laterite capped summits know as Pats.
  • The Garhjat Hills in Orissa extend from southern border of the Ranchi Plateau upto the Mahanadi river.
  • Mahanadi Basin (Chhattisgarh basin)
  • Low lying tract with elevation of 600 to 100m and surrounded by hills in all sides, Dandkaranya Fegion: Lying south of Chhattisgarh basin and drained Indravati river.
  • The peninsular plateau continue into North East as Shillong Plateau, the gap separating these two plateaus is known as Rajmaha Garo