Competitive Exams: Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

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Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife

Wildlife Sanctuaries

  • Names States
  • Renuka -Himachal Pradesh
  • Kinwat -Maharashtra
  • Bor -Maharashtra
  • Nagzira- Maharashtra
  • Ratnagiri- Maharashtra
  • Ranibennur- Karnataka
  • Mudumalai - Tamil Nadu
  • Annamalai - Tamil Nadu ,
  • Mandanthruai - Tamil Nadu
  • Kalakad -Tamil Nadu
  • Kanwal -Andhra Pradesh
  • Srisailem- Andhra Pradesh
  • Pocharam- Andhra Pradesh
  • Eturnagaram -Andhra Pradesh
  • Pakhal -Andhra Pradesh
  • Nandankannan- Orissa
  • Lothian Islands- W. Bengal
  • Parmadan- W. Bengal
  • Saznakhali -W. Bengal
  • Bethuadhari- W. Bengal
  • Hazaribagh- Jharkhand
  • Jaldapara- W. Bengal
  • Mahananda- W. Bengal
  • Orano -Assam
  • Sonai Bupai- Assam
  • Dampa -Mizoram

Some More Facts

  • Kaziranga in Assam is famous for one horn Rhinocerous
  • Periyar in Kerala is famous for Elephants
  • Sunderbans are well known for Bengal Tigers
  • Rann of Kuchchh in Gujarat is the habitat for Wild Ass Asiatic Lions are found in Gir forests
  • Siberian Cranes migrate to some of the wetlands in Northern India including those like Keoladeo Ghana in Rajasthan and other in U. P and Bihar
  • Hemis High Altitude is the largest national park in India
  • Madhya Pradesh is also known as Tiger state
  • Corbett was the first national park in India
  • Some important conventions and conferences for the conservation and protection of organisms have been held since 1970. Some are:
  • Man and Biosphere convention (UNESCO) 1970
  • Ramsar (Iran) convention for wet lands and waterfowl habitat 1971
  • CITES for endangered species! 973
  • FAO for genetic resource material 1983
  • Rio convention by UNCED 1992
  • In India the Wild Life Protection Act came into force in 1972.
  • Some other projects to protect different species are Project tiger (1.4. 1973) Girjion project (1972) Crocodile breeding project (1.4. 1975)
  • Rhinoceros project (1987) Snow leopard project (1988) Project elephant (1988) The Central Directorate of WildLife Preservation and the WildLife Institute of India, Dehradun are the nodal agencies initiating and monitoring the programs and projects concerning wildlife.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • I want to be a member in wild life department how can I enter into that

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    1 Answer

    You must go for IFS or Indian Forest Services.

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