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Introduction to Oceanography

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Ocean Basins

Pacific Ocean

  1. Philippines East Philippines to South Japan: 5,000-6,000 m.

  2. Fiji Equation S latitude: 4,000 m.

  3. East Australian Australia and New Zealand 5,000 m.

  4. Peru Equation South latitude 4,000 m.

  5. South west Pacific Equation South latitude 4,000 m.

Atlantic Ocean

  1. LabradorBetween Greenland in North and New Foundland in South, i.e., between Equation ; North 4,0004500m.

  2. North American Equation North latitude 5,0006,00 m.

  3. Brazilian Equation South latitude from equator, east coast of Brazil in the west to above Para rise in the east 4000 m

  4. Spanish From Iberian peninsula to Equation N. 5,000 m.

  5. Cape Verde Equation N. 5,000 m.

  6. Giunian From Giunia Ridge to Sierra Leonne 5,000 m.

  7. Angola From equator to Equation S. 5,000 m.

  8. South and North Canary Near Morocco 5,000m.

Indian Ocean

  1. Oman Near Oman 6,658 m.

  2. Arabia Between Laccadine and Socotra.

  3. Somali Between Socotra and Seychelles 3600 m..

  4. Mauritius 3,6006,391 m.

  5. Mascarene Between Madagascar and Seychelles

  6. Agulhas Natal Near Corozet Ridge 3,600 m.