Competitive Exams: Oceanography Basins

Reliefs of Ocean Basin

Pacific Ocean

  • It is one third of the globe: Has a triangular shape:

  • Average depth is 4572 m

  • It has highest number of islands (more than 2, 000), grouped in three categories:

  • Continental Islands: Aleutian islands, Chilean islands, British Columbia (islands of Canada)

  • Island Arcs and Festoons: Kurile islands, Japanese Archi

  • Scattered and Smaller Islands: Hawaiian islands, Fiji islands, Micronesian islands (Marshal island)

Continental Canyon

  1. It is lesser deeper.

  2. It's course is dendritic.

  3. It is less steeper.

  4. The width is lesser.

  5. Important seas in the Pacific ocean are Bearing sea, Okhotsk sea, Japan sea, Coral sea, Yellow sea, Java sea, China sea, Tasman sea, Arafura sea.