Competitive Exams: Regional Human Geography: F


Ethnic groups Fijian 50 percent Indian 45 percent European, other Pacific Islander, Chinese, other 5 percent.

Languages English (official), Fijian, Hindustani.

Religious affiliations Protestant (mostly Methodist) 46 percent Hindu 33 percent Roman Catholic 10 percent Muslim 7 percent Other 4 percent NOTE: Fijians are mainly Christian, Indians are Hindu or Muslim, and Chinese are Christian or Buddhist.


Ethnic groups Finn 93 percent Swede 6 percent Saami, Russian 1 percent.

Languages Finnish (official) 92 5 percent Swedish (official) 5.7 percent Small Saami and Russian speaking minorities 0.5 percent Others 1.3 percent.

Religious affiliations Protestant (Evangelical Lutheran) 86 percent Finnish Orthodox 1 percent Nonreligious 5 percent Atheist 1 percent Other 7 percent.


Ethnic groups Celtic and Latin with Teutonic, Slavic, and Nordic; North and West African, Caribbean, Indochinese. And Basque minorities.

Languages French, regional dialects and languages (Provencal, Breton, Alsatian, Corsican, Catalan, Basque, Flemish), English, Arabic.

Religious affiliations Roman Catholic 81 percent Protestant 2 percent Jewish