Competitive Exams: Regional Human Geography: J geography notes on ethinc groups, languages and religious affiliations of countries starting with J

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Table shows Regional Human Geography: J
Table shows Regional Human Geography: J


Ethnic groups Japanese 99.4 percent Other (mostly Korean), including Ainu 0.6 percent.

Languages Japanese (official).

Religious affiliations Buddhist 55 percent Christian 4 percent Shintoist 3 percent Nonreligious 10 percent Other (including "new religions") 28 percent.


Ethnic groups Arab 98 percent Circassian 1 percent Armenian 1 percent.

Languages Arabic (official), English widely understood among educated population.

Religious affiliations Muslim (Islam is the official religion; almost all Sunni Muslim) 93 percent Christian 4 percent Nonreligious 2 percent Other 1 percent.