Competitive Exams: Regional Human Geography: K geography notes on ethinc groups, languages and religious affiliations of countries starting with K

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Perroux Growth Pole Theory

Table shows Regional Human Geography: K


Ethnic groups Kazakh (Qazaq) 46 percent Russian 35 percent Ukrainian 5 percent German 3 percent Uzbek 2 percent Tatar 2 percent Other 7 percent.

Languages Kazakh (Qazaq, official language); Russian (language of interethnic communication).

Religious affiliations Muslim 43 percent Atheist 11 percent Orthodox Christian 10 percent Roman Catholic 3 percent Nonreligious 29 percent Other 4 percent.


Ethnic groups Kikuyu 21 percent Luhya 14 percent Luo 12 percent Kalenjin 11 percent Kamba 11 percent Kisii 6 percent Meru 6 percent Other 19 percent.

Languages English (official), Swahili or Kiswahili (official), Kikuyu, Luo, numerous other indigenous languages.

Religious affiliations Protestant 43 percent Roman Catholic 23 percent Indigenous beliefs 12 percent Anglican 10 percent Muslim 7 percent Hindu 1 percent Other 4 percent.


Ethnic groups Kuwaiti 45 percent Other Arab 35 percent Indian, Pakistani 9 percent Iranian 4 percent Other 7 percent.

Languages Arabic (official), English widely spoken.

Religious affiliations Sunni Muslim 45 percent Shia Muslim 40 percent Roman Catholic 9 percent Hindu 3 percent Nonreligious 1 percent Other 2 percent.


Ethnic groups Kyrgyz 57 percent Russian 18 percent Uzbek 14 percent Ukrainian 2 percent German 2 percent Tajik, other 7 percent.

Languages Kyrgyz (official), Russian.

Religious affiliations Muslim 70 percent Russian Orthodox 20 percent Other 10 percent.