Competitive Exams: Regional Human Geography: M geography notes on ethinc groups, languages and religious affiliations of countries starting with M

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Transport Geography and Graph Theory

Table shows Regional Human Geography: M


Ethnic groups Macedonian Slavs 67 percent Albanian 23 percent Turkish 4 percent Serbian 2 percent Roma (Gypsy), other 4 percent.

Languages Macedonian 70 percent Albanian 21 percent Turkish 3 percent SerboCroatian 3 percent Other 3 percent.

Religious affiliations Orthodox Christian (mostly Macedonian Orthodox) 60 percent Muslim 29 percent Nonreligious 7 percent Other 4 percent.


Sakalava 6 percent Antaisaka 5 percent Other 28 percent.

Ethnic groups Merina 27 percent Betsimisaraka 15 percent Betsileo 12 percent Tsimihety 7 percent Languages French (official), Malagasy (official), Hova and other dialects

Religious affiliations Indigenous beliefs 52 percent Christian 41 percent Muslim 7 percent.


Ethnic groups Chewa, Nyanja, Tumbuka, Yao, Lomwe, Sena, Tonga, Ngoni, Ngonde, Asian, European

Languages English (official), Chichewa, other indigenous languages

Religious affiliations Protestant 55 percent Roman Catholic 20 percent Muslim 20 percent Hindu, indigenous beliefs 5 percent.


Ethnic groups Malays and other indigenous groups 59 percent Chinese 26 percent Indian 7 percent Other 8 percent.

Languages Bahasa Malaysia (official), Chinese (various dialects), English, Tamil, Iban, other indigenous languages

Religious affiliations Muslim 48 percent Folk religions 24 percent Christian 8 percent Buddhist 7 percent Hindu 7 percent Other 6 percent.


Ethnic groups Sinhalese, Dravidian, Arab, African.

Languages Divehi (official; dialect of Sinhala), English

Religious affiliations Muslim (Islam is the official religion; mostly Sunni Muslim).


Ethnic groups Sinhalese, Dravidian, Arab, African.

Languages Divehi (official; dialect of Sinhala), English

Religious affiliations Muslim (Islam is the official religion; mostly Sunni Muslim).


Ethnic groups Maltese 96 percent British 2 percent Other (including Sicilian, French, Spanish, and Italian) 2 percent

Languages Maltese (official), English (official), Italian

Religious affiliations Roman Catholic 93 percent Other 7 percent.


Ethnic groups Moor 30 percent Mixed Moor, black 40 percent Other (including Fulani and Wolof) 30 percent

Languages Arabic (official), Fulfulde, Soninke, Wolof, French

Religious affiliations Muslim (Islam is the official religion; almost all Sunni Muslim) 100 percent.


Ethnic groups Mestizo (Native AmericanSpanish) 60 percent Amerindian 30 percent European ancestry 9 percent Other 1 percent.

Languages Spanish (official), various indigenous languages, English.

Religious affiliations Roman Catholic 89 percent Protestant 3 percent Nonreligious 3 percent Other 5 percent


Ethnic groups Mongol 90 percent Kazakh 4 percent Chinese 2 percent Russian 2 percent Other 2 percent.

Languages Khalkha Mongolian 90 percent Turkic, Russian, English, other Mongolian dialects 10 percent.

Religious affiliations Indigenous beliefs 3 i percent Tibetan Buddhist (Lamaist) 23 percent Atheist 9 percent Muslim 5 percent Nonreligious 30 percent Other 2 percent.


Ethnic groups Arab, Berber, mixed ArabBerber 99 percent Other 1 percent

Languages Arabic (official), Derija (Moroccan Arabic), Berber dialects, French.

Religious affiliations Muslim 98 percent Christian 1 percent Nonreligious and other 1 percent.


Ethnic groups Makua, Yao, Makonde, Tonga, Tsonga, Chopi, Shona, Nguni, others.

Languages Portuguese (official); Swahili, indigenous dialects, including Makua, Ronga, Tsongan, and Muchope

Religious affiliations Indigenous beliefs 55 percent Christian 30 percent Muslim 15 percent.


Ethnic groups Burman 68 percent Shan 9 percent Karen 7 percent Arakanese (Rakhine) 4 percent Chinese 3 percent Mon 2 percent Indian 2 percent Other 5 percent.

Languages Burmese (official); minority ethnic groups have their own languages.

Religious affiliations Buddhist 73 percent Indigenous beliefs 12 percent Protestant 6 percent Muslim 3 percent Hindu 2 percent Other 4 percent.