Competitive Exams: Regional Human Geography: N geography notes on ethinc groups, languages and religious affiliations of countries starting with N

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Theories of Economic Development

Table shows Regional Human Geography: N


Ethnic groups Black 86.0 percent White 6.6 percent Mixed 7.4 percent NOTE: About 50 percent of the population belongs to the Ovambo group and 9 percent to the Kavango group. Other ethnic groups include (with approximate share of total population) Herero 7 percent, Damara 7 percent, Nama 5 percent, Caprivian 4 percent, San or Khoikhoi 3 percent, Baster 2 percent, and Tswana 0.5 percent.

Languages Although English is the official language, most Namibians speak at least one indigenous language at home. Afrikaans and German are also spoken.

Religious affiliations Christian 90 percent Other or nonreligious 10 percent.


Ethnic groups Newar, Bihari, Tibetan, Gurung, Magar, Tamang, Thakali, Bhutia, Rai, Limbu, Sherpa.

Languages Nepali (official), English, almost 20 other languages divided into numerous dialects.

Religious affiliations Hindu (Hinduism is the official religion) 86 percent Buddhist 8 percent Muslim 4 percent Other 2 percent.