15th Century States Kashmir

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  • It was ruled by Suhadev;

  • The next king was Rincana (1322-1323);

  • He was succeeded by Udaiyan Dev (1323-1338);

  • After his death in 1338, his wife Kota Devi assumed the power but her minister, Shah Mir, forced her to marry him and adopted the title Samsuddin;

  • He ruled from 1338 to 1342;

  • This marked the beginning of Muslim rule in Kashmir;

  • He was succeeded by Jamsid;

Alisher (1343-1354)

  • He adopted the title Allauddin;

  • He transferred his capital from Indrakot to Allauddinpur (Srinagar);

Shi-Rashmak (1354-1373)

  • His title was Sultan Shihabuddin;

  • He was a tolerant king;

  • He had good relations with the ruler of Nagarkota;

  • He banished his son and paved way for his brother, Hedal to succeed;

Sikandar (1389-1413)

  • His minister was Suha Bhatt;

  • He (Suha Bhatt) became a convert and named himself as Saifuddin;

  • He instigated Sikandar for Orthodoxy;

  • Sikandar destroyed temples and that is why he is called Butshikan - destroyer of idols;

  • He abolished sati practice and imposed Jaziya for the first time in Kashmir;

  • Ali Shah (1413-1420) Sahi Khan Alias Zain-Ul-Abedin (1420-1470)

  • He was the greatest king of Kashmir and is called Akbar of Kashmir;

  • The 2nd part of Rajtarangini, which is written by Jaunaraja, was compiled during his reign;

  • He is also known as Badshah or Tibet-i-khurd;

  • He abolished Jaziya and cowslaughter;

  • He withdrew ban on sati;

  • He sent 2 persons to Samarkand to learn the art of paper making and book binding;

  • Sriya Bhatt was his minister of Justice and also the Court's Physician;

  • He imported shawl making technique from Tibet;

  • He is also responsible for unifying Kashmir;

  • He built a Jaina lake and an artificial island is Wullur Lake;

Hazi Khan (1470-72)

  • His title was Sultan Haidar Shah;

  • The chak dynasty ruled between 1461-1588;

  • Yusuf Shah, of the Chak dynasty, was the last king;

  • After that Kashmir became a part of the Mughal Empire, during Akbar's reign;