15th Century States Malwa, Gujarat, Jaunpur

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  • Malwa was conquered by Allauddin Khilji, in 1305 and it remained a part of Delhi Sultanate up to 1398;

  • The first independent king was Dilawar Khan Gauri, but he did not proclaim the title of king;

  • The real founder of Malwa kingdom was Hoshanga Shah (1401-1435);

  • He adopted the title of Alp Khan and shifted his capital from Dhar to Mandu;

  • He founded Hoshangabad, which was situated on the bank of river Narmada;

  • He was defeated and arrested by Ahmad Shah of Gujarat;

  • Next king was Md. Shah Gauri, who was killed by Mahmood Khilji;

Mahmood Khilji (1436-1469)

  • He was the greatest king of Malwa;

  • He was recognized by Abassid Khalifa of Egypt;

  • He fought a war against Rana Khumba of-Chittor, in which both the parties claimed victory;

  • After the victory Ranareyed building while Mahmood Khilji errected a 7 storeyed building;

  • He made medicine facility free;

Md. Shah (1469-1500)

  • He kept 16,000 slave girls;

  • He built Jahaz Mahal;

Nasir Shah (1500-1510)

Mahmood Khilji N (1510-1531)

  • During his reign Medini Roy Purviya became very powerful;

Baz Bahadur

  • He was the son of Sujat Khan;

  • His original name was Mia Bazid;

  • He fell in love with Roopmati;

  • Baz Bahadur was defeated by Adam Khan and Malwa became a part of Muhgal Empire;


  • Gujarat was conquered by Allauddin Khilji in 1297;

  • Zafar Khan, the Governor of Gujarat, declared himself independent in 1391;

  • He did not adopt any title till 1407 and in 1407 he adopted the title Muzaffar Shah;

Ahmad Shah

  • He was the grandson of Muzaffar Shah;

  • He was the real founder of Gujarat Kingdom;

  • He shifted his capital from Patan to Ahmadabad;

  • Ahmadabad was founded by him in 1413;

  • He built Jama Masjid of Ahmadabad;

  • He also built 'Teen Darwaja' and imposed Jaziya;

  • Manikchand and Motichand were his ministers;

  • He defeated Rajput states like Bundi, Dungarpur;

Mahmood Beghrah (1459-1511)

  • He built 3 cities - Balwa, Md. Nagar and Mustafabad;

  • Mohammad Nagar was built after the Champaner Victory;

  • Mustsfabad was built after the Girnar Victor;

  • He captured Junagarh and Champaner forts and plundered Dwarika;

  • Portuguese came during his reign;

  • Barbosa describes about his personality;

  • Udai Raj, the famous Sanskrit poet, lived during his reign;

  • He defeated Portuguese with the help of Egypt;

Muzaffar Shah (151-1526)

  • He was a music lover;

Bahadur Shah (1526-1537)

  • He captured Mandu fort;

  • He was defeated by Humayun;

  • He was killed by a Portuguese;

  • In 1572 Akbar conquered Gujarat and annexed it to his empire;


  • Jaunpur was founded by Firoze Shah Tughlaq in memory of Jauna Khan (Md. Bin Tughlaq);

  • In 1394, sultan Mahmood Tughlak sent Mallik Sarvar Khawaja Jahan; who declared his independence during Timur Lang's invasion but he did not adopt any title;

  • Jaunpur came to be known as Shiraz of east and Mallik Sarvar came to be known as Sultan Ush Sharq i.e. lord of East;

  • Mallik Md. Jayasi, author of Padmavati lived during Mallik Sarvar's reign;

Mubarak Shah (1399-1401) Mahmood Shah (1440-1457)

  • In 1452, he advanced up to Delhi but had to retreat;

  • He conquered Chunar and led successful expedition against Orissa;

Md. Shah (1457-1458)

Hussain Shah (1458-1505)

  • He attacked Delhi 4 times but was defeated all the time;

  • Every time his wives were captured by Bahlol Lodhi;

  • In 1505, Sikandar Lodhi defeated him and Jaunpur became a part of Delhi Sultanate again;