18th Century Independent States

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Bhagalpur was their major centre.

Churaman (1695-1721):

  • He is called founder of the dynasty.

  • His capital was Bharatpur.

Badan Singh (1722-1756):

  • He is called the real founder of the dynasty.

  • In 1752, he took the title Mahendra.

  • He laid the foundation of a new ruling house at Bharatpur.

  • He constructed a temple at Vrmdavan-Dhk-Sjmir.

  • He adopted the title Brajraj.

  • In 1745, he fought the battle against Rohilas.

  • He also fought against the Marathas in the battle of Bhagru.

  • He died on 7th June, 1756.

Suraj Mai (1756-1765):

  • He was the most powerful Jat leader.

  • He was the adopted son of Badan Singh.

  • He is called Plato of Jats. Also called Uleyissis of jats

  • He established Surajkund, built Gopal Bhawan. Suraj Bhawan and Krishna Bhawan.

  • He died in 1765.


Bir Singh:

  • In 1602, Salim instigated him to kill Abul Fazal and he did so near Antri (Gwalior).

  • When Salim ascended the throne in 1605 as Jahangir, Bir Singh was rewarded and was given a mansab of 3,000

  • and was made the ruler of Orcha state.

  • He died in 1627 and was succeeded by Jujhar Singh.

Jujhar Singh:

  • In 1634, he captured Gond capital of Chauragarh.

  • He defeated Premnarayan, the ruler of Chauragarh.

  • This infuriated Shah Jahan and he sent Aurangzeb to attack Bundelkhand.