Ancient Indian History: Major Cities: Special Features: Mohenjo-Daro

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Major Cities

Special Features


Major Cities: Mohenjo-Daro
  • The largest of all Indus cities
  • Great earth the most important public place remarkable for beautiful brickwork
  • Great granary _the largest building.
  • Multi paired assembly hall and a big rectangular building
  • Another building identified as the temple


Major Cities: Harappa
  • The first Indus site to be discovered and excavated in 1921 the Indus civilization was originally called Harappan civilize tion after this site
  • Granaries two rows of six granaries these were the nearest buildings to the river
  • Working floors rows of circular brick platforms meant for threshing grain
  • Barracks rows of single roomed barrack՚s; housed laborers.


Major Cities: Chanhudaro
  • Only Indus city without a citadel
  • Like Mohenjo-Daro it was also flooded more than once.
  • Discovery of a small pot which was probably an ink well.


Major Cities: Kalibangan
  • One of the two Indus cities which have both Oroton Harappan and Harappan culture phases.
  • Evidence of the earliest ploughed field in India in its proto Harappan phase.
  • Discovery of platforms with five altars
  • Total absence of mother Goddess figurines


Major Cities: Lothal
  • The only Indus site with an artificial brick dockyard
  • Evidence of the earliest cultivation of ice in the subcontinent.
  • Discovery of fire altars.


Major Cities: Surkotda
  • The only Indus sits where the remains of a horse have actually been found
  • The only city to have a stone wall as fortification.


Major Cities: Dholavira
  • The latest Indus city to be discovered (1990 - 91)
  • The only Indus city to have a middle town

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