Vedic Literature-Political History of the Vedic Period

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Political History of the Vedic Period

  • The king did not maintain a standing or regular army during the Rig Vedic Period

  • Solders supplied by the tribal groups called:

  • Vrata

  • Sardha

  • Gana

  • Grama

  • Foot soldier - Pati

  • Most distinguished tribes were the KURUS, whose capital was at Asandhivat and Panchal

  • KURU'S territory was in Kurukshetra

Dasragya Battle: - (Sudas or Deodas)

  • Sudas was a Bharat king of the Tritsu family

  • He came to be known as Brahmavatra

  • Vishamitra was his priest but later Sudas dismissed him and appointed Vasistha as the priest

  • Out of revenge Vishva-mitra formed a confidence of 10 kings against Bharata

  • The battle took place on the river of Parusani i.e. Rabi

  • In this battle Bharata was victorious

  • Later Bharata formed a new ruling class with the Purus known as Kuru

  • Kuru became the second most powerful tribe

  • After winning the Dasragya battle, Sudra defeated 3 more non-Aryan tribes: -

  • Ajas

  • Sigrus

  • Yakshus

  • These non-Aryan tribes united under the king Bheda.

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