Vedic Culture: Vedic Literature: Meaning, Contents, Brahmans and Aranyakas

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Vedic Literature

Vedic literature

Vedic Literature

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The word Veda is derived from the root video. to know it is specifically applied to a branch of literature considered to be strut e sacred knowledge or divine revelation


The Vedic literature consists of Semites Brahman’s Ardnydrds and Upanishad’s


  • They are collections of hymns sung in the praise of various gods they are four in numb beer-Rig Veda Samhita Same Veda Samiti Yamuna Veda Samiti and atheroma Veda Sahitya. The rig Veda literally mean inn Veda of praise is divided into ten mandalas or books and consists of 1017 ‘suites ‘or hymns. It is the oldest as well as the most important of all the smites it also consists of the famous geriatric mantra addressed to the solar deity savior it is specialized by the hotrod (invoker) type of priest.

  • The same Veda meaning Veda of melody consists of hymns taken from the pig Veda and set to tune for the purpose of singing called the book of chants it is specialized by the Udgatri (chanter)type of priest. The origin of Indian must be traced to it.

  • The aur Veda meaning Veda of ritual is tic formulas. Consists of various mantras and rules to be observed at the time of sacra face specialized by the Adhvaryus performer type of priest it has the origin of Indian rite also it also has the earliest Indian prose writ inn

  • The atheroma Veda meaning Veda of magic formulas. Contains charms and spells ward off evils and diseases believed to be the work of non- Aryans iron tents throw light on the beliefs and practices of the non-Aryans it also has the origin of Indian medicine


They deal with the science of sacrifice and propagate the karmamarga (path of deeds) the important Brahman’s are aitareya kausitaki tandyamaha. Taiminiya Taittiriya Satapatha and goatherd Brahmans. The origins of Indian sciences like mathematics and astronomy are traced to these texts


Vedic literature: Aranyakas

Vedic Literature: Aranyakas

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Liberally meaning forest books they deal with mysticism and symbolism of sacrifice and priestly philosophy unfortunately most of this literature has been lose by us


Vedic literature: Upanishad

Vedic Literature: Upanishad

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They are philosophical texts Being critical of the rituals and sacrifices they lay stress on the central theme of their metaphysics is that tam as, i.e. the unity of the Brahman (supreme being or soul) and the atman (individual soul) found in the Chhandogya Upanishad of the several Upanishads, only twelve are very import act Among the twelve also only the Brihadaranyka and Chhandogya Upanishads are the oldest

Vedangas and Sutra Literature

There are six Vedangas:

  • Shiksha (phone ice),

  • Kalpak (rituals)

  • Vyakarna (gram- mar)

  • Nirukta (etymology)

  • Chand as (metrics) are called Smriti hey are written the form of sutrasi.

condensed prose style of all the sutra texts only kalpak Sutras have come down to us and these are again divided into three classes:

  • Strata Surds

  • Grimy Surds and

  • Pharma sutras solve sutras the oldest books on Indian geometry.

are found within the surtax sutras it is the third one with winch the historians are mainly con- corned. For it constitutes the foundation of the Dharmasastras such as the laws of Manu.

Up Vedas

Four minor Veda’s came to be written on the basis of the Vedic literature. Theo are aur Veda (medicine) slip Veda (sculpture). Gandhara Veda (music) and Danu Veda (Warfare).