Vijayanagar Bahmani Kingdom Adil Shahi Dynasty, Imad Shahi Dynasty, Barid Shahi Dynasty and Qutub Shahi Dynasty

Adil Shahi Dynasty of Bijapur

Detailed map of Adil Shahi Dynasty

Adil Shahi Dynasty

Detailed map of Adil Shahi Dynasty

  • Yusuf Adil Khan founded the dynasty in 1490;

  • He was a Georgian slave;

Ismail Adil Khan (1510-1534)

  • In 1504, he captured Gulbarga;

  • He was a skilled musician;

Tsmail Adil Khan (1510-1534)

  • He established Sunni faith as the state religion;

  • During his reign Albequerque, the Portuguese Governor captured Goa;

  • He was a great patron of Art;

  • He married a Maratha lady Babuji Khannum;

  • He was an expert painter;

Malu Adil Khan (1534-15351

Ibrahim Adil Shah I (1535-1557)

  • He was the first to adopt the title of Shah;

  • He replaced Persian by Hindavi Deccani Urdu;

  • In 1555, he employed the Marathas for the first time;

  • He defeated the Vijaya-nagar king; Rama Raya;

Ali Adil Shah I (1557-1580):-

  • He re-established Shia faith; during his reign, the wall of Bijapur city was constructed;

  • He built the Zami Masjid, Mecca Masjid and Gagan Mahal;

  • He was called a Sufi;

  • Secularism was resumed during his reign;

  • He appointed Acharya Vaman Pandit;

Ibrahim Adil Shah II (1580-1637)

  • He was called 'Jagat Guru';

  • He built Andha Mahal, Mihtar Mahal, Malika Jahan Masjid;

  • During his reign Farista compiled 'Tarik-i-Farista';

  • He wrote a book called 'Nauras Nama';

  • He built his capital 'Nauraspur';

  • "Hens gave grants to 'Pandharpur';

  • During his reign Akka-Madina flourished;

  • He built Gol Gumbaz, it was his Mausoleum (Makbara);

  • He also built Asar Mahal;

  • He was the greatest king of the dynasty;

Ali Adil Shah II (1656-1672)

  • He was a patron of Urdu literature;

  • During his reign a lot of Urdu Deccani Scholars flourished - Mia Nursali, Miahansi, Mirzan Marsiyan;

  • Adil Shah wrote 2 books:

    1. Gulshan-i-Ishq;

    2. Ali Nama;

  • Nursali composed 2 books

    1. Kasida and

    2. Diwan-i-Gazal;

  • Mia Hansi wrote the story of Yusuf and Zulaikha and a book called Gazals;

Sikandar Adil Shah (1672-1686)

  • In September 1686, he surrendered to Aurangzeb;

Imad Shahi Dynasty of Berar

  • It was the shortest post-Bahmani dynasty;

Adil Shah Imad-ul-Mulk (1490-1504)

  • He was originally a Hindu from Karnataka;

Allauddin Imad Shahi (1504-1562)

Darya Imad Shahi (1530-1562)

Burhan Imad Shah (1562-1572)

  • Murtaza II captured Berar in 1574;

Barid Shahi Dynasty of Bidar

Detaied map of Barid Shahi Dynasty

Barid Shahi Dynasty

Detaied map of Barid Shahi Dynasty

Kasim Barid (1504):-

  • He was the P.M. in the Bahamani dynasty;

Amir Barid (1504-42)

  • He is known as the 'Fox of Deccan' and Rabah-i-Deccan;

Ali Barid Shah (1542-1579)

  • He was the first to assume the title 'Shah';

  • In 1564, he joined the confederacy of Muslim states along with Ahmadnagar, Golconda and Bijapur against Vijayanagar;

  • He built the Tomb of Bidar;

  • He built 'Rangin Mahal';

Ibrahim Barid Shah (1587-1591)

Kasim Barid Shah II (1587-1591)

Amir Barid Shah II (1591-1601)

Mirza Ali Barid Shah m (1601-1609)

  • He was the last Sultan of Bidar;

  • In 1619, Ibrahim Adil Shah II annexed Bidar into Bijapur;

Qutub Shahi Dynasty of Golconda

Detaied Map of Qutub Shahi Dynasty of Golconda

Qutub Shahi Dynasty

Detaied Map of Qutub Shahi Dynasty of Golconda

Ouli-Qutub-ul-Mulk (1494-1543)

  • He was the founder of the Qutub Shahi dynasty;

  • He belongs to the Turkish family;

  • He was born at Hamadan in Persia;

  • He never assumed the title Shah;

  • He built the Zami Masjid of Golconda and was a Shia, by faith;

  • Jamshed Qutub Shah (1543-80)

Ibrahim Qutub Shah (1550-80)

  • He was the ruler of the Qutubshahi dynasty

  • He fortified Golcunda;

  • He established Alms house and Langar;

  • He built numerous colleges;

  • He built a dam at Budawal;

  • He built two tanks;

  • Ibrahim Pattam;

  • Hussain Sagar;

  • He also built a strong bridge on the river Musi Warna.

  • This bridge is called the 'Old Bridge';

  • During his reign, Deccani Urdu flourished;

  • Four famous Deccani Urdu poet lived during his reign:

    1. Mullah Khiyali;

    2. Mahmood;

    3. Firoze;

    4. Ahmad;

  • A number of Telgu poets also flourished during his reign like Addanki, Gangadhar Kavi, Telangcharya, Rudrakavi;

  • Gangadhar Kavi has written a famous book Malki Bahram;

  • Jagdeva Rao Naikwani was the P.M.;

Md. Quli Qutub Shah (1580-1612)

  • He constructed a new capital at Hyderabad;

  • He built Char Minar;

  • He built Chandan Mahal, Hira Mahal, and Nadi Mahal;

  • He wrote the first Diwan poems of Deccani Urdu;

  • He adopted secularism in epics;

  • He distributed 60,000 hums;

Md. Qutub Shah (1612-1626)

  • He formed a confederacy of Deccani states against Mughals;

  • During his reign Tarik-i-Md. Qutub Shah was completed;

  • His real name was Zill-i-Ullah i.e. Shadow of God;

Abdulla Oulab Shah (1626-1672)

  • He ascended the throne at the age of 12;

  • Mir Zumla was his Prime Minister.

  • Mir Zumla plundered a lot of Hindu Temples;

  • His original name was Md. Sayyed;

Abdul Hassan Qutub Shah (1672-1687)

  • Akka-Madanna pair flourished during his reign;

  • Madanna was the P.M. and adopted the title Surya Prakash Rao;

  • Brother Akkana was the commander-in-Chief;

  • Golcunda was captured by Aurangzeb in 1687;