Styles Fusion of Classical & Folk Music and Musical Instruments (Rabindra, Haveli and Gana) for Competitive Exams

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Sugam Sangeet

  • Rabindra Sangeet
  • Haveli sangeet
  • Gana sangeet
  • Devotional songs
  • Bhajan-sung in praise of god-meera, nanak, kabir
  • Kirtan-Bengal region, music + dance, influence of Gitagobinda
  • Shabad-Punjab, sung by sikh gurus
  • Quawalli-sufi element, started by Aamir khushro
  • Abhanga-maharashtra-namdev, tukaram harashtr
  • Bhatiyali-boat songs from Bengal, devotional theme
  • Tewaram-tamilnadu, sung by shaivites
  • Ghazal-devotional touch-Persian influence on indian music
  • Independent couplets, theme-mystical, secular or philosophical
  • Artists Mirza Galib, Bahadurshah Zafar

Rabindra Sangeet

  • Sung by Rabinranath Tagore
  • Worship, nature, love, celebration

Haveli Sangeet

  • Temple music
  • Popular in rajasthan and Gujarat
  • Pushtimargi sampraday

Gana Sangeet

  • Eg: Apni Azadi Ko Hum Hargis Mita Sakte Nahin, Ajadee Hoyni tor, Kadam kadam badhaye jaa, Vande Mataram etc.
  • Generally sung in chorus carrying some social message.
  • The songs are usually about Freedom, community strength, patriotism.
  • Due to the British occupation in India, a lot of protest songs about anti-imperialism/pro-socialism

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments
  • Sushir vadhya
  • Wind instruments
  • Also known as aerophones
  • Flute, pungi, mouth organ, nadswaram
  • Avanad vadhya
  • We have to strike it to get the sound
  • tabla. , dhol, pakhwaj
  • Taar vadhya
  • String instruments
  • Guitar, violin, ravanhattha, santoor
  • Ghana vadhya
  • Solid instruments
  • Rhythm keepers
  • Ghunghru, jal tarang. dandiya, matki

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