Modern Indian Architecture & Contribution of Lourie Baker for Competitive Exams

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Modern Indian Architecture

  • Two styles
  • Indo-gothic
  • Neo-roman
Iberian Style & Gothic Style
Iberian Style and Gothic Style

Indo Gothic Style

Indo Gothic Style
  • Florished in 19thcentury until 1911.
  • Hybrid style having Mughal, hindu and western influence
  • Also known as Indo saracenic style.
  • Features
  • Elaborate and large constructions
  • Advance british structural engineering standards hence fine use of steel, iron and poured concrete
  • Thinner walls
  • Pointed arches
  • Large windows
  • Church-crucified ground plan
  • St. poule՚s cathredal, Kolkata
  • Victoria memorial, Kolkata
  • Gateway of india
  • Laxmivilas palace

Neo Roman Style

Neo Roman Style
  • Started by Edwin lutyen and Edward baker
  • Features
  • Hybrid structure
  • Conjusted style
  • Modernity, simplicity and utility was compromised
  • Upturned dome
  • Examples, parlament building, rashtrapati bhawan

Contribution of Lourie Baker

Contribution of Lourie Baker
  • Architect of poor.
  • He was a pioneer of sustainable architecture as well as organic architecture.
  • Merged building with environment.
  • Ventilation and thermal comfort arrangement
  • Used loacally available material.
  • Introduced pillar slab construction method reduce the consumption of steel and cement.
  • Revolutionize the mass housing in kerala.