Orissa School, Kangra School, &Thangka School for Competitive Exams

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Orissa School

Orissa School
  • The earliest surviving examples of miniature painting in Orissa appear to belong to the th century A. D.
  • Some good examples of the paintings of this period are a court scene and four illustrated leaves of a manuscript of the Gita Govinda
  • In Orissa, palm-leaf continued to be used even upto the 19th century.
  • The outline drawing was rendered with a stylus on the palm-leaf and then charcoal or ink was rubbed on the drawing.
  • A few colours were sparingly used to fill in the designs.
  • The technique of painting on paper was, however, different and was like the one used in other schools of painting.
  • The early manuscripts display neatness in drawing.
  • Later on in the 18th century, the line becomes bold and a little crude but the style in general is very decorative and ornamental.

Kangra School

Kangara School
  • Raja samsarchand promoted
  • Love scenes of Radha-Krishna
  • The school translated poetry into paintings
  • Famous painters-Manku, kishanlal and Pattu

Thangka School

Thangka School
  • Ladakh region
  • Miniature paintings
  • Chinese influence
  • Popular symbol dragon
  • Theme Buddhist
  • Use of silk in the Painting.

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