Investment, PPl-PPl Relations and Potential: Trade and Investment

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  • Key sectors of interest to France include power, hydrocarbons (petroleum and petroleum products), telecommunications, auto parts, agro-industries, drugs and pharmaceuticals and environment.

  • Increasing presence of French Companies in Indian IT market sector

  • In mines, the cooperation between India and France is one of the most longstanding one and active within the bilateral cooperation.

  • France has also invested in primarily in roads and railways. In the road sector, France appears to have a pioneering experience in India with the widening of the road network to 4-lane (60 km pathway between Delhi and Jaipur) executed by the big French company GTME in 1997.

  • In railways, the high participation of French companies to the Delhi e-Transaction group (smart card ticketing ),(signaling and control & security system),(engineering on electrification and maintenance systems

  • Economic aid: The Protocol is the chief instrument of such assistance

PPl-PPl Relations

  • 60000 Indians

  • Social Security Agreement

  • Cultural Exchange Prog 2007-10 under Agreemt on Cul, Scf and Tech Coop

  • Eminent French civilian awards to Satyajit Ray, Goverdhan Mehta, Mahasweta Devi, Bacchhan


  • Trade and investment

  • Nuc E- not just fuel and reactors but also expertise

  • FDI in retail would provide enourmous dividend to Fr retail giants

  • Fr agricultural expertise- post harvest, cold storage, fertilizer, food processing, BT, river erosion

  • Ind progress in pharma and chems

  • A key obstacle to the nuclear agreement was India’s recently approved Civil Nuclear Liability Act.

  • Easing of visa regulations for Indian businessmen and facilitating easy work permits for skilled Indian workers.

  • However, India has objected to France’s military assistance to.

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