Nuclear, Defence, Economic, Civilian Space and Educational Cooperation

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Nuclear Cooperation

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Defence Cooperation

  • Joint exercise of the Indo-French Air Force Garuda-IV held in June 2010 in Istres

  • India has purchased French Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft and the Scorpene class submarines

  • Rafale fighter jet is in the MMCRA competition bid

Economic Cooperation

  • France is India’s 5th largest trading partner among EU nations

  • Sarkozy recently announced that French companies would invest nearly 12 bn euro in India by 2012

  • FICCI and MEDEFI have signed an MoU to strengthen communication and cooperation between the two key organisations

  • Third meeting of the Indo-French CEO’s forum was held in New Delhi in 2010

Civilian Space Cooperation

  • ISRO and CNES joint working group meet regularly

  • They are working together on scientific satellite programme called Megha Tropiques and SARAL (Satellite for ARGOS and ALTIKA) scheduled to be launched in 2011.

  • GSAT 8 was launched from Arianspace in May 2011.

Educational Cooperation

  • France is collaborating with IIT-Rajasthan

  • Strong cooperation shown between ICMR and INSERM for medical research

  • France promoting seminars and student exchanges

International Issues Cooperation

  • France supports India’s bid for UNSC permanent seat

  • Both are members of G20.

  • Cooperation in countering financing of terrorism, money laundering

Cultural Exchange

  • Indo-French Cultural Exchange Programme (CEP)

  • In 2010 and 2011 the Embassy is in the process of organising India-focused events in France

  • France launched a cultural festival ‘Bonjour India’ in seven Indian cities in Nov. 2009

  • Indian cultural festival in France, ‘Namaste France’ launched in April 2010 will go on till mid-2011.


Carla Bruni’s work as ambassador for the Global Fund which is engaged in the fight against HIV AIDS, TB and malaria is appreciated by Indians

Indian Diaspora in France


Relationship based on congruence of views and interests

Nicolas Sarkozy’S Visit to India in December 2010

The following agreements were signed

Nuclear Cooperation

  • General Framework Agreement between NPCIL and AREVA for setting up two European Pressurised Reactor units at Jaitapur site, Maharashtra

  • Early Works Agreement between NPCIL and AREVA for implementation of EPR NPP units at Jaitapur

  • Protection of confidentiality of technical data and information relating to cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy

  • Agreement between Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) and French CEA in the field of nuclear science and technology for peaceful uses of nuclear energy

  • Agreement concerning Intellectual Property Rights on the development of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy

  • Two agreements on nuclear safety were also signed: first between Atomic Energy Regulatory Board and French Nuclear Safety Authority. Second between AERB and Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN)

  • MoU between ISRO and CNEc for cooperation in Earth System Science and Climate

  • Agreement on film co-production

  • After the Fukushima disaster France has launched a process of stress tests on all its nuclear installations. India has put on hold the deal on buying EPRs

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