Main Aims of India's Foreign Policy and Public Diplomacy: Traditional Diplomacy

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Main Aims of India’S Foreign Policy

  • External security

  • Internal security

  • Maritime security

  • Energy security

  • Need for sustained economic growth

  • Access to technology and innovation

Public Diplomacy

  • ‘dimensions of international relations beyond traditional diplomacy, the cultivation by governments of public opinion in other countries’

  • Like Michelle Obama dancing with Indian children on the visit and Carla Bruni doing a perfect Namaste

  • Internet and television play an important role

  • If it is not clear and credible, it will not get through

  • The link between public diplomacy and foreign policy formulation is inextricable. If policy is flawed, projection alone cannot help. Therefore, senior PD officials should have a seat on the policy-making table

  • PD is about listening and articulating. Beyond the traditional media, the cyber space should be used

  • Management tools such as planning, and evaluation are essential for devising and assessing the impact of PD strategies

  • Concept of nation branding is highly relevant to the task of projecting India.

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