Recruitment and Selection for Competitive Exams 2021

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Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment And Selection: Methods of Recruitment & Selection Process (HRM)

Recruitment, Selection and Placement

Recruitment, Selection and Placement

Sources of Manpower

  • Internal Sources
    • It includes personnel already on the pay-roll of the organisation and those who were once on a payroll of a company.
  • External Sources
    • Advertising, Employment Agencies, Educational Institution, Employee Recommendations.

Methods of Recruitment

  • Direct Method
  • Indirect Method
  • Third Party Method
Methods of Recruitment

Process of Selection:-

  • Initial Screening or Preliminary Interview
  • Application Scrutiny
  • Selection Test
  • Interview
  • Physical Examination
  • Reference Checks
  • Final Decision
  • Placement
Process of Selection

Interview Methods

Interview Methods
  • Informal Interview
    • Formal Interview
    • Structured or Directive Interview
    • Planned Interview
    • Non-directive Interview
    • Unstructured Sequential Interview
    • Depth Interview
    • Job-Related Interview

Some More Interview Methods:-

  • Situational Interview
    • Behavioural Interview
    • Stress Interview
    • Group Interview
    • Panel Interview
    • Mass Interview
    • Phone and Video Interviews

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