Life Sciences Glossary: From Invagination and Inversion to Isthmus and Iter

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An unfolding of a layer of tissue to form a saw- like structure.


Reversal of the order of a block of genes in a given chromosome.

In Vitro

From the Latin, meaning “within glass” ; biological processes made to occur experimentally outside the organism in a test tube or other container.

In Vivo

From the Latin, meaning “Within the living organism” .


The ability to respond to stimuli or changes in the environment.


Decreased blood supply to a body organ or part resulting in pain and organ dysfunction. (Opposite: Intimation) .

Is Alleles

Different forms of a gene that produce the same phenotype or very similar phenotypes.

Is Chromosomes

A chromosome with two identical arms and identical genes.

Is Enzyme

An enzyme that may appear in multiple forms, with slightly different chemical or other characteristics.


Gametes of a species in which both sexes are alike in size and appearance.


Denoting a uniform distribution of yolk within an egg.


Having the same solute concentration or equal osmotic pressure.


Atoms of the same element that differ only in the number of neutrons but having same number of protons.


A narrow strip of tissue or narrow passage connecting two larger parts.


The passage between the docile and met acoel of the vertebrate brain.

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