Learning Meaning and Process Management YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Learning: Meaning and Process

Title: Learning: Meaning and Process


  • We all see and read so many things in our life and also, we experience many things which eventually gives us a learning.
  • Learning is basically a relatively permanent change in the behavior predominately because of knowledge enhancement

Factors Affecting Learning

  • Social Factors: It includes our family members, neighbor՚s, relatives etc. They can impact on what we learn, how we learn.
  • Physical factors: Our physical ability like height, strength, weight also can impact our learning. For example, if someone is having good strength, they can easily play weightlifting.
  • Mental Factors: The mental ability of an individual like retention power, grasping ability can very much impact learning.
  • Environmental Factors: The surrounding in which the person leaves also matters. For example, if a person lives near a crowded market, then definitely they will face problem which trying to learn a new thing.

Process of Learning

  • Stimulus: It is something which motivates an individual. For example, if someone tells me to learn the cuisines of various countries and prepare them in their restaurant and. If I have a penchant, I will definitely learn.
  • Response: It is basically the way in which a customer reacts to a stimulus.
  • Motivation: Here the person gets motivated and has an urge to learn as much as they can so as to become good at that thing.
  • Rewards: After a person has completed his/her goal they get certain rewards; it can be anything. For example: In this case the person can get accolades from customers, good incentive etc.


Learning is gained through?

1. Experiences

2. Reading

3. Writing

4. All of the above

Which factor influences a person learning ability by demotivating them to do something?

1. Physical

2. Environmental

3. Social

4. Mental

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