Recruiting Methods Introduction to Recruitment and Types of Recruitment

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Recruiting Methods: Introduction to Recruitment and Types of Recruitment (Management)


  • In all the organization recruitment plays an important part in its success.
  • If the recruitment is not properly done the business leads to the failure one because of ineffective people.
  • Therefore proper recruitment process should be held.

Types of Recruitment

  • The person who recruits the candidate is called as a recruiter.
  • Recruiters make use of different methods and procedure to source the candidate, screen the candidate, shortlist them, and to select the human resource as per the needs and requirements of the organization.
  • There are totally two types of recruitment in the organization. First one is recruited within the organization which is called internal recruitment. And candidate is scrutinized and taken from the outside the organization is called external recruitment.

Internal Recruitment

  • Here the organization recruits the employees for its business who is already known.
  • It includes the following:
    • Transfer of the employee who is already working
    • Promotion for the employee who is good enough to place the vacancy
    • Focusing on ex-employees who worked in past in the organization.

External Recruitment

  • Those employees who are procured purely from outside of the organization. They are not related in any way to the organization.
  • It includes walk-ins, employment exchange, employment agencies, educational institutions, advertisement.
    • Walk-ins: The candidate they themselves approach
    • Advertisement: addressed to the mass group of people in form of newspapers, television, magazines and so on.
    • Employment exchange: it is basically run by the government. Job provide to the individual by the seniority position of their enrollment.
    • Employment agencies: some agencies work for employ the individual by getting some amount of fees from the individual.


1. Internal recruitment includes ________

i. Transfer

ii. Promotion

iii. Focusing on ex-employees

iv. Employment exchange

a. i, ii

b. i, ii, iii

c. i only

d. i, ii, iii, iv

Answer: B

2. Which of the following the candidate themselves approach the organization for job?

a. walk-ins

b. employment exchange

c. employment agencies

d. educational institutions

Answer: A




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