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Work Force Diversity: Meaning and Dimensions| Management

Title: Work Force Diversity: Meaning and Dimensions


  • An organization has people from various cultures, different education backgrounds, genders etc.
  • When all these people work together to accomplish the goal of an organization it is called simply the workforce diversity.


  • It is very helpful in gaining competitive edge: It is so because every person has unique quality but if within this also, we have persons from various countries, religions etc. a pool of talent is created.
  • Helps in maximizing productivity: The productivity will automatically augment when all will give unique suggestions on increasing so.
  • Increases unanimity: When different people develop the habit of working together, they become united and therefore take decisions unanimously.
  • Improves Decision making ability: It is so because different people give different perspectives on the issues and concerns and thereby wisdom enhances and decision-making ability Improves.

Dimensions of Workforce Diversity

  • Internal Dimensions: It includes the age, gender, personality etc. of an individual. These are very much what the person has got within.
  • External Dimensions: They are the income, Religion, Race, ethnicity of an individual. They are something which is usually visible to others either through lifestyle of cultural practices.


Gender of a person comes under which dimension of workforce diversity?

1. Internal

2. External

3. Individual

4. None of the above

Workforce diversity is a combination of?

1. Countries

2. Policies

3. Cultures of different people

4. None of the above

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