Competency Mapping Meaning and Process Management YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Competency Mapping: Meaning, Elements and Process | Management

Title: Competency Mapping: Meaning and Process

Meaning of Competency

  • In one has to become great in something, I believe along with conceptual clarity and application of those concepts, one has to also have the wisdom of using to for the benefit of society.
  • Competence mapping talks about the knowledge, skills and commitment for a certain task or job.

Elements of Competency

  • Knowledge: It is the amount of things a person knows. It can be related to that field in which a person wants to work in or can be related to anything extra.
  • Skills: It is the ability to demonstrate something that will be helpful in performing a job. So along with knowledge application part is also important
  • Motive: Without love and passion for your work, one cannot go too far in life. So motive is the urge to achieve the goal with passion and commitment.

Competency Mapping

  • It is important to analyze the competency of an individual. It is so because it is helpful in understanding what all qualities we have and lack to improve further
  • Example: If I am a marketing manager and through competency mapping my manager finds that I am good at pricing strategy formulations but need to work on distribution strategies formulation part. So, this will help me a lot


  • Job Analysis: Here the employees are requested to fill up a questionnaire and they mentions all the qualities required in a job.
  • Competency bases JD: A job description based on Competency required for a job is created and it is presented for the HR department for approval.
  • Assessment: One we come to know the Competency based JD for a particular job we can map it with the skills and knowledge of all the employees individually and share the feedback with the employees.
  • Development plan: Here a detained report is prepared and also the development plan is made to improve the competencies mapped.


Competency is concerned with?

A. Knowledge

B. Commitment

C. Skills

D. All of the above

Competency mapping involves?

A. Matching the Competency JD with current skills of employees

B. Matching the competency JD with the salaries

C. Matching the competency JD with the personality of the employee

D. None of the above