Green Marketing, Concept Management YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Green Marketing, Concept Management
Green Marketing


  • Due to continuous deterioration of our planet, the whole world is suffering from several serious issues. Whether we talk about the health problems, sustainability issues or the destruction of biodiversity for that matter.
  • The role of green marketing becomes predominant as it is something which focuses on overall aspect of product development till the time the product is consumed by the consumer


  • When products are manufactured, promoted, priced keeping in view the protection of environment, we are said to be a Green Marketer. Along with basic satisfaction of the customer, it is equally important that our planet is kept safe for the posterity and green marketing can play a major role in fulfilling this objective.
  • Various strategies are used pertaining to it by various companies and the benefits of these can bring a huge difference in our planet՚s heath and thereby ours

Strategies of Green Marketing

  • Responsibility. Green marketing is very much about becoming conscious of pollution. To prove the sincerity of the intentions, the company should rethink in terms of ecological and social responsibility and show customers that you care about the planet.
  • Green pricing. Environmentally friendly products generally have a high value due to the increased cost of design. However, despite the high price, customers are still willing to pay for them. So, if a company charges high prices for the ecological products, they should ensure that they communicate the specifics to prove that the goods are worth the price asking for
  • Sustainable design: It՚s not only about a recycling logo on the product՚s packaging, it՚s about a full product life cycle of the product in mind. The company should pay attention to the details: the sources of its raw materials, the location, the workers involved in the process.
  • Sustainable packaging: The excessive use of plastic is the number one reason for the pollution of our planet. According to Greenpeace, 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic has been produced since the 1950s. Nowadays consumers are more responsible and try to avoid plastic packaging. That՚s why it՚s always advisable to create recycled or no-plastic packaging for your brand.
  • Beneficial for all the living beings: The word green marketing itself tells about the importance of being green. When the entire planet is protected through the strategies used in G. M. , it is natural that the entire biodiversity sustaining currently and also the posterity will live safe and healthy


  • Focuses on overall product life cycle: Not only one aspect of a product is considered. Every part, whether we talk about packaging, development, design, distribution every single element is given equal attention.
  • Continuous Activity/Process: Looking at the serious issues the planet is facing, the process of green marketing has to be done or followed on regular basis to save the mother earth

Elements of Service Marketing

  • Green Product: The products which are non-toxic, organically grown are called the ecofriendly products.
  • Green price: When the price is set keeping in mind the basic contribution towards a green cause.
  • Green Place: If the good is distributed keeping in mind environment friendly fuel like hydrogen, CNG etc. , it is a part of green distribution.
  • Green Promotion: When a good is promoted a media which is not harming the environment, it can be called green promotion. For example, broadcasting media like TV, Radio etc.


Which of the following is not an element of Green Marketing?

1. Green Place

2. Green Color

3. Green promotion

4. Green Product

Can Shifting of a factory to a low populated area be a part of green marketing?

1. Yes

2. No

3. May be

4. Can՚t say