Competitive Exams: Quality Assurance Management

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Functions of QA Personnel

  • Develop quality goals for the IS function overall and to assist in the development of quality gaols for specific IS.
  • Develop, promulgate and maintain IS standards
  • Monitor compliance with standards
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Report to management
  • Train all other IS personnel in QA standards and procedures

Relationship between QA Personnel and Auditors

Objectives and functions are the same

  • Both concern with ensuring high-quality IS are developed, implemented, operated and maintained
  • Both concern with collecting evidence on and evaluating the reliability


Auditors can place greater reliance on controls and reduce the extend of substantive testing work when a QA functions it is place and working reliability.

Quality metrics describe the specific attributes of the project work that will be measured to determine whether the work meets quality standard. Quality metrics are used to provide information on cost, rework, and cycle time to improve the quality of the project deliverables and work processes.