Competitive Exams: Training and Importance

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Explain the factors which mainly contribute to the importance of training for different types of managers and workers in an industry/organization.

The factors which mainly contribute to the importance of training for different types of manages and workers in an industry are:

  1. There is always shortage of skilled employees and it is always felt that the most direct attack on the problem of un-employment, can be made through expansion of vocational training and professional education
  2. Skill shortages have arised due to rapid technology changes. Managers are faced with labor markets in which the skilled man-power fails to meet the needs for the new skills requirement.
  3. Trained employee makes better and economical use of materials and equipment. Therefore, the wastage and shortage are lessened.
  4. The inevitability of hiring unemployables consequent upon the social goal of equal employment opportunities necessitate the adequate process of training and development facilities

Recruitment Checklist

The recruiter should have some checklist before conducting the interview. To conduct the exam he should see weather he got permission from his manager to conduct. Like that he has to make one list to make interview successful and efficient.

  • If the responsible manager agreed the vacancy
  • Is there up to date job description
  • What are the conditions of employment for the vacant position
  • Has a candidate specialization been prepared
  • Has a notice of vacancy been supplied earlier
  • Has the job advertisement been agreed
  • What arrangements have been made for drawing a short list of candidates
  • Have the interview arrangements been made
  • If unsuitable candidates held in reserve been informed
  • Have offer letters been agreed and dispatched
  • Have suitable rejection letters been sent to unsuccessful short listed candidates.
  • With all these in mind recruiter conduct the interview

Salary Administration Procedure

It is the systems and procedure designed for the purposes of the efficiently managing the compensation of organizational members. In order to have efficient control all the employees are paid within the range for the job performed. Salary administration should be approached as a management tool to attract, retain and develop the required quantity and quality of human resources within organization. Control is an essential part of salary administration. The following are the procedure for the efficient salary control salary budget

  • cost of living or general review of salary levels
  • individual salary review
  • fixing salary levels on joining or on promotion
  • other allowances
  • bonus schemes

the unit also help in developing skills in formulating and designing salary structures. a well designed and properly administered salary system not only reward the employee with the material remuneration՚s they think deserve, but also act as motivating factory.