Personal Selling: Concept, Importance and Process Management YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Personal Selling: Concept, Importance and Process Management

Concept of Personal Selling

Concept of Personal Selling


  • Individual Services: Salesmanship offers individual services. It can meet personal expectations of buyers. It thereby leads to customer satisfaction.
  • Flexibility: Sales talks and can be adjusted according to situation to suit individual needs, motives, and problems.
  • Improving Image: The salesmanship can remove bad image or misunderstanding by highlighting company՚s achievements and offers. The detailed explanation about company and its products removes all doubts and misunderstandings. It helps in restoring company image and reputation in market.
  • Augmentation Customer Confidence: By systematic sales talk and presentation, a capable salesman can remove all doubts, concerns and misunderstandings, and can win customer՚s confidence. It increases customers՚ faith in company and its offers.
  • Personal Attention: Advertising and publicity are among mass communication tools. They do not cater individual needs. Personal selling focuses on personal problems of customers. It is comparatively more effective and result-oriented.

Process of Personal Selling

Process of Personal Selling
  • Prospecting: This step includes locating the prospective customers. They can be located through social contacts, fairs, databases etc.
  • Pre- Approach: After locating a customer, it becomes important that the way in which sale will be presented is planned.
  • Approach: It is the introduction stage between the customer and the salesperson. Here one comes to know about the customer՚s need.
  • Sales Presentation: The salesperson presents the product to the customer. Talks about the features and functions of the product.
  • Handling Objections: It happens simultaneously with the sales presentation.
  • Closing the sale: The customer after becoming convinced of products benefits need to be convinced for payments also.
  • Follow up: After the sales get closed, it is important that customer is in regular touch or contact with the sales person. It is so because it is important to get a feedback from the customer.


What among the following is not part of personal selling?

1. Door to door service

2. Public Relations

3. Demonstration

4. Follow up

Answer: 2

Which among the following is not the goal of personal selling?

1. Sales

2. Win-win approach

3. Misguidance

4. Profit

Answer: 3