Selection: Meaning, Importance and Employment Tests Management YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Title: Selection: Meaning, Importance and Employment Tests

Selection: Meaning, Importance and Employment Tests Management


  • Every organization needs capable employees to run the organization for its further growth through augmentation in brand image and market share
  • Selection is basically a process of choosing the appropriate candidates from a pool of candidates suitable for the particular profile
  • It is indispensable part of HRM because when talented employees work, organizations grow and create a place for their brand in the market.


  • Organizations who understand their employee՚s value invest a large sum in selecting the relevant candidate for the vacant job.
  • Selecting skilled candidates reduces the training and development costs of the organization.
  • Selecting candidates who are satisfied with their work enhances the efficiency of both the employee and the organization.

Employment Tests

  • Aptitude Test: It is basically conducted to check the skill required in a particular job profile which candidate has applied for.
  • Personality Test: Personality is the complete identity of an individual. So, in order to judge the motivation level, their attitude, the values they hold, this test is conducted.
  • Intelligence Test: The Intelligence is basically the combination of the learning ability and decision-making ability of an individual. This test checks basically checks how quickly a candidate can understand a concept and also apply it in real life
  • Graphology Test: A person՚s handwriting can tell a lot about his/her personality. So, several experts analyze the handwriting
  • Integrity Test: Here the honesty or commitment of an individual is checked. It is analyzed whether this individual is going to stay loyal or committed or not.
  • Proficiency Test: Every individual possesses certain knowledge gather either through reading or listening or through experience. A person՚s level of knowledge is also required to be tested to check the wisdom level imbibed.


Which test checks and individual՚s learning, retention and decision-making ability?

1. Proficiency test

2. IQ test

3. Graphology test

4. Wisdom test

Answer: 2

Which test is used to test the person՚s commitment towards the organization?

1. IQ Test

2. Aptitude test

3. Integrity test

4. Graphology test

Answer: 3