Service Concept, Importance and Characteristics Management YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Service Concept, Importance and Characteristics Management


  • Any activity performed to deliver value to the customer but without transferring the ownership.
  • It is intangible i.e.. ; it cannot be seen. It can only be felt. For example, hotel services, cab services etc.


  • To offer convenience while transacting especially in case of banking service.
  • Fulfilling the various requirements like offering a stay at a hotel, giving a ride, treating a patient.
  • Saves time as customer gets everything within a stipulated time.


Service Concept, Importance and Characteristics
  • Intangibility: The service can only be felt. It cannot be seen or touched.
  • Perishable: It gets consumed along with the service itself i.e.. , it cannot stored or returned.
  • Inconsistency: It basically implied that a service is not uniform. For example, it may be possible that the haircut last time was better than this time.
  • Inseparability: Services are basically produced and consumed simultaneously.


Which of the following is not the characteristics of services?

1. Inseparability

2. Inventory

3. Inconsistency

4. Tangibility

Which of the following is the goal of imparting a service?

1. Satisfaction

2. Profit

3. Delivering products

4. Convenience