Service Marketing Concept and Mix Management YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Service Marketing Concept and Mix Management


  • Planning and implementing various strategies like Pricing, promoting, delivering etc. to build a brand image and therefore loyalty.
  • Example: Deciding which service to give, planning the pricing strategy, making delivery strategy etc.


  • Helpful in making an effective and efficient strategy to gain market share.
  • Increases brand image and thereby brand loyalty.
  • Saves time of both the customer and the producer.

Service Marketing Mix

Service Marketing Mix
  • Service/Product: It can be any satisfaction which the customer gets after availing a particular service.
  • Price: It is basically the price or value set for the product/service.
  • Promotion: After choosing the service, it becomes important that the customer knows about the service being available in the service.
  • Place: It focuses on the way the service will be delivered to the final customer i.e.. , how it is going to reach the customer.
  • People: They are the staff involved in providing you the service. They approach is important
  • Process: The system through which a service is provided only plays an indispensable role in deciding the efficiency of the service.
  • Physical evidence: It is actually the ambience of the place where the service is given. It has an immense role in increasing the footfall.


Which is the most important P՚s of service marketing?

1. People

2. Physical evidence

3. Process

4. Promotion

What Is not a part of service?

1. Tangible items

2. Intangible items

3. Travel through an airline

4. Sitting in a car to reach metro

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