Team Building: Meaning, Objectives and Types of Teams Management YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Team Building: Meaning, Objectives and Types of Teams Management


  • Team: It resembles a group of people who have a common objective and people work collectively to achieve that goal. Since, every member knows that they have a common goal, every member is actively involved in supporting each other through their knowledge and work experience to achieve that goal and get rewarded for it.
  • Group: It is also a group of people but they do not share common objectives. Every individual is having their own accountability. Groups can be found where people although are working in a same department but having different responsibilities. For example, people working in a finance department in various roles.

Team Building

  • It refers to the process of following a set of activities in order to motivate the employees or team members to augment the performance of the entire team. Sometimes, it so happens that although people are working a same team but do not work unanimously, so it becomes very important to bring them together to achieve a common goal.
  • The basic aim is to increase the efficiency of team and thereby the entire organization so that the organization image augments and thereby the market shares also.

Objectives of Team Building

  • Increase unity among the team members. It is very important that members understand the importance of team work.
  • If the team works in a unanimous manner, then there are less chances of disputes and arguments.
  • To improve the personality of each individual and thereby high motivational levels are achieved.
  • When every member of the team is supportive to each other and gives best efforts then automatically the organizations performance increases and employees are given more benefits like incentives and bonus which motivates them for further activities.

Types of Teams

  • Virtual Team: The team members do not share a common physical place. They are operating from various places but collaborate through technology.
  • Operational Team: They are formed to ensure that the office processes run smoothly. They basically support other teams. For example, repairs and maintenance team.
  • Project Team: Here the people are from different departments but the project manager assigns them a same project and hence they become a team.
  • There are 4 subtypes of a project team:
    • Matrix team
    • Contract team
    • Functional Team
    • Cross functional team
  • Matrix Team: Here basically two bosses are assigned to a person or rather team. Each team member reports to a common boss for the current project but each team member also reports to their original bosses for their original work.
  • Contract Team: They are basically outsourced team brought to complete a project on a temporary basis i.e.. , for a stipulated period of time.
  • Functional team: They include the members of a same department with different responsibilities. For example, people of Marketing team.
  • Cross Functional team: As the name says, these include the people from various departments. It is because of their expertise required for completing the project that they are kept in a same team


Under which type of team the smooth functioning of the organizational processes is ensured?

1. Functional team

2. Self-managed team

3. Operational team

4. None of the above

Answer: 3

Team is a collection of?

1. People with individual goals

2. People with common goal

3. People of various culture

4. None of the above

Answer: 2