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Danda Niti: Brahma, Brhaspati, Kautilya, Raj Dharma Socio-Political Indian Philosophy | Philosophy

Title: Socio-Political Philosophy: Indian Dandaniti & Raj-Dharma


  • Danda means force or the administration of force or punishment.
  • Dandaniti means the art of governance or the science of governance.
  • According to raj-dharma or the dharma or the duty of the king, the onus lies upon the king to correct injustice.
  • The art of punishment or danda-niti is subordinated to raj-dharma.
  • For example; Prathama Śāhasa daṇḍa is the punishment of fine.
    • Danda & Danda-niti
    • according to Lord Brahma
    • according to Lord Brhaspati
    • according to Kautilya
  • As per the Mahabharata, the sacred Hindu epic, Lord Brahma was the first one to write the Danda-niti.
  • Conflicts could occur between different people, family members, workers, etc. could be done by the means of sama, dana, Bheda and danda.
  • For example, the Mahabharatha.
    • Sama or Negotiation
    • Dana or Incentives
    • Bheda or Division
    • Danda or Punishment
  • Lord Brahma՚s Danda-niti- 1 Lakh chapters
  • Lord Shiva՚s Vaisataksa- 10,000 chapters
  • Brihaspati՚s Bahudandaka- 3,000 chapters
  • Usanas՚ Nitisara- 1,000 chapters


  • Identified four purposes for the Dandaniti, they are;
    • Acquisition of the un-acquired
    • Preservation of the preserved
    • Augmentation or Increasing the preserved
    • Fair distribution of the preserved.
  • Dandaniti should form the basis of purusharthas or the goals of life.
  • Dandaniti means the science of Government.


The concept of Dandaniti by Kautilya is given in

A. Arthashastra

B. Kautilyaniti

C. Raj-dhamra

D. Niti-Sara.

Answer: A

Explanation: Dandaniti means the science of Government, according to Arthashastra.

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