Socio-Political Philosophy-Indian Narada՚s Questions to King Yudhishthira Philosophy YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Narada՚s Questions to King Yudhishthira: Literature, King Sisupala, Socio-Political Indian Philosophy

Title: Socio-Political Philosophy- Indian Narada՚s Questions to King Yudhishthira

Literature Concerning Narada

  • Ramayana
  • Mahabharata
  • Puranas
  • Narada-purana


  • How Literature defines Narada
  • Expert on Vedas
  • Expert on Upanishads
  • Expert on Angas
  • Known for his Knowledge
  • Master of the two schools of Indian Philosophy; Sankhya and Yoga
  • Angas are the Limbs of Vedas. There are six Angas.
Narada-Smriti Six Angas
  • Narada meets King Yudhishthira two times;
  • First, to establish a protocol with their common wife.
  • Second, Before King Yudhishthira took charge as a King

The Kind of Questions Asked

  • Do you experience happiness without mental agony?
  • When alone do you ponder over your decisions?
  • Are your chief officials entirely devoted to you?
  • What are the six royal duties?
  • What are the seven means to rule?
  • What are the King՚s duties?
  • He questions the king on his personal habits?
  • He questions him on his personal habits?
  • Are you using the wealth of your kingdom for good causes?
  • Does your mind waver when you enjoy the pleasures of this world?
    The Nature of Questions
  • Importance of Governance
  • The story of King Sisupala
  • The concept of Deeds
  • Importance of the Character of the King
  • Dialogue between the two
  • The concept of Moksha


Narada raises questions to King Yudhishtir, the nature of the questions were?

A. Factual

B. Rhetorical

C. Metaphysical

D. All of the above.

Answer: B

Narada raises questions to King Yudhishtir, the nature of the questions were Rhetorical in nature.

There are ________ Angas of Vedas

A. Four

B. Six

C. Seven

D. None of the above

Answer: B There are six angas or the limbs of the Vedas, they are; Shiksha (phonetics) , Chandas (poetry) , Vyakarana (grammar) , Nirukta (etymology) , Kalpa (instructions on rituals) and Jyotisha (astronomy) .

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