Physics Assertion Reason Questions Part 1

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  • Due to low escape velocity on moon, no atmosphere because V ms > V escape.
  • Weight of body in artificial satellite is zero because whole weight is used as centripetal force.
  • Spoon released from satellite then continues to follow the motion of satellite due to inertia.
  • Relative magnetic permeability of soft iron is more than steel. Therefore, it is better conductor of magnetic lines of force.
  • We cannot see through fag as light is scattered by the drops.
  • At high frequency, the grid plate capacitance induces complication because of its feedback property.
  • At high frequency, the grid plate capacitance induces complication because of its feedback property.
  • Moon appears bigger near horizon than at the mid sky due to optical illusion. Horizon is at more distance & suffers more refraction.
  • Truck carrying explosives have a metallic chain touching ground to conduct away the electronic charge & prevent explosion.
  • Intensity of sound is directly proportional to density of medium that is carbon dioxide, which has more intensity than air.
  • Loaded boat rises when it enters from a seawater to river because specific gravity of saline water is more than fresh water.
  • A diver inside a water does not hear sound produced in air as it is reflected from the surface only.
  • Magnet is dropped in a long vertical Copper tube then it will fall with a constant velocity because upward force on magnet will act due to eddy currents induced in copper tube.
  • Neutrons are used to initiate fissions, as they are not deflected by magnetic or electronic field.
  • Soda water bottle is falling freely then bubble will not rice in the bottle due to no up thrust acting on it & so no bubbles formed.
  • When 2 protons are brought near work is done against force of repulsion & is stored as potential energy, so it increment.
  • Bridges are unsafe after constant use due to the rapidly strains given to increment & this make it unsafe.

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