Polity Study Material: Acquistion of Citizenship

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Acquisition of Citizenship

According to the Citizenship Act, 1955, the citizenship could be acquired through any of the following five methods:

  1. By Birth: All the persons born in India on or after 26th January, 1950, are treated as citizens by birth. However, the children born to foreign diplomats posted in India are not entitled to Indian citizenship.
  2. By Descent: A person born even outside India shall be treated as citizen of India by descent if at the time of his birth, his father is a citizen of India.
  3. Registration: A person can acquire citizenship of India by registration with the appropriate authority, The persons who could acquire citizenship by registration include
    1. persons of Indian origin who have ordinarily been resident in India for SLX months, immediately before making an 228 application for registration. A person is deemed to be of Indian origin if he, or either of his parents, or and of his grand-parents, was born in the undivided India
    2. persons of Indian origin ordinarily resident outside India
    3. women married to Indian citizens
    4. minor children of persons who are citizens of India
    5. persons of adult age and capacity who are citizens of Commonwealth countries or Republic of Ireland.
  4. By Naturalisation: A person can acquire citizenship of India by naturalization if he fulfils the following qualifications:
    1. he belongs to a country where the citizens of India are allowed to become subjects or citizens of that country by naturalization:
    2. he renounces the citizenship of his country in accordance with the law of that country and intimates the renunciation to the Government of India
    3. he has been residing in India or serving the Government of India for at least 12 months immediately preceding the date of application
    4. he possesses workable knowledge of an Indian language.
  5. By Incorporation of Territory: In the event of certain territory being added to the territory of India, the Government can specify the persons or categories of persons who shall be entitled to India. n citizenship, by reasons of their connection with the territory.

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