Polity Study Material: All India Services

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All-India Services

Under Art. 312 of the Constitution, if the Rajya Sabha declared by resolution supported by not less than two-third of the members present and voting, that it is necessary or expedient to create an All-India Service, common to the Union and the States, Parliament may by law create such a service and regulate the recruitment and conditions of service of person appointed to any such service. The Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police Service, which were in existence at the commencement of Constitution, are deemed to be All-India Services created by the Parliament. The All-India Services Act was passed by Parliament and detailed rules and regulations under the Act have since been promulgated. The recruitment to All-India Services, namely. LA. S. I. F. S. I. P. 8. etc. is made by the U. P. S C on the basis of a competitive examination supplemented by viva-voce test. The conditions of service of persons appointed to those services have since been regulated by an act of Parliament.

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