Constituent Assembly of India: Idea of a Constituent Assembly

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Idea of a Constituent Assembly

  • In 1934 M. N. Roy first to put the idea
  • In 1935 Officially demanded by INC
  • In 1938, Constituent Assembly based on Adult Franchise
  • In 1940 August Offer
  • In 1942, Cripps Mission
  • In 1946, Cabinet Mission

Composition of the Constituent Assembly

Total Strength of the Assembly

Composition of the Constituent Assembly
  • Allotment of seats in proportion to the population of
  • Province seats divided into Muslim, Sikhs and General.
  • Voting Method was proportional representation
  • Princely states Representatives were Nominated not elected.

Working of the Constituent Assembly

  • First meeting on December 9,1946.
  • Dr. Sachchidananda Sinha elected as Temporary President.
  • Dr. Rajendra Prasad elected as the President
  • Two Vice Presidents, H. C. Mukherjee and V. T. Krishnamachari.

Objective Resolution

  • India is an Independent Sovereign Republic
  • Power and Authority derived from the People
  • Justice, Equality and Freedom guaranteed to all the people
  • Safeguards for Minorities and backward class

India Independence Act

  • The assembly was made fully Sovereign body
  • The Assembly became a Legislative Body
  • The Muslim League withdrew from the Assembly


  • Commonwealth Membership
  • National Flag on July 22,1947
  • National Anthem on January 24,1950
  • National Song on January 24,1950
  • First President of India

Committees of the Constituent Assembly

Committees of the Constituent Assembly

Enactment and Enforcement of the Constitution

  • Introduction of the final draft in the First Reading
  • Proposal of Amendments and their discussion in the Second Reading
  • Ambedkar moved a motihmo “the constitution as settled by the Assembly be Passed” in Third reading
  • Constitution Adopted on November 26,1949

Criticism of the Constituent Assembly

  • Not a Representative Body
  • Not a Sovereign Body
  • Time Consuming
  • Dominated by Congress
  • Lawyer-Politician Domination
  • Dominated by Hindus


1. The Constituent Assembly of India was step up under the framework of?

(a) Cripps mission (1942)

(b) Cabinet mission (1946)

(c) Simon commission (1927)

(d) None of these

Answer: B

2. What was adopted as the Symbol (seal) of the Constituent Assembly?

(a) Lion

(b) Peacock

(c) Elephant

(d) Lotus

Answer: C

3. Who was Appointed as the Legal Advisor to the Constituent Assembly?

(a) Sir B. N. Rau

(b) S. N. Mukherjee

(c) G. V. Malvankar

(d) S. Vardachari

Answer: A

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