Competitive Exams: Constitution at a Glance

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PartsSubject MatterArticles Covered
IThe Union and its territory1 to 4
IICitizenship5 to 11
IIIFundamental Rights12 to 35
IVDirective Principles of State Policy36 to 51 IV A Fundamental Duties 51 A
VUnion52 to 151
Chapter IThe Executive52 to 78
Chapter IIParliament79 to 122
Chapter IIILegislative Powers of the President1 23
Chapter IVThe Union Judiciary124 to 147
Chapter VComptroller and Auditor General of India148 to 151
VI The StatesThe States152 to 237
Chapter IGeneral1 52
Chapter IIThe Executive153 to 167
Chapter IIIThe State Legislature168 to 212
Chapter IVLegislative Powers of the Governors21 3
Chapter VThe High Courts214 to 232
Chapter VISubordinate Courts233 to 237
VIIThe States in Part B of the First Schedule (Repealed)238
VIIIThe Union Territories239 to 242
IXThe Panchayats243 to 243
IX AA The Municipalities243 P to 243 ZG
XThe Scheduled and the Tribal Areas244 to 244
XIRelations between the Union and the States245 to 263
Chapter ILegislative Relations245 to 255
Chapter IIAdministrative Relations256 to 263
XIIFinance, Property, Contracts and Suits264 to 300
Chapter IFinance264 to 291
Chapter IIBorrowing292 to 293
Chapter IIIProperty, Contracts, Rights, Liabilities, Obligations and Suits294 to 300
Chapter IV.Right to Property300 A
XIIITrade, Commerce and Intercourse within the Territory of India301 to 307
XIVServices under the Union and the States308 to 323
Chapter IServices308 to 314
Chapter IIPublic Service Commission՚s315 to 323
XIVA Tribunals323 A to 233 B
XVElections324 to 329 A
XVIIndians330 to 342
XVIIOfficial Language343 to 351
Chapter ILanguage of the Union343 and 344
Chapter IIRegional Languages345 to 347
Chapter IIILanguage of the Supreme Court, the High Courts, and so on348 and 349
Chapter IVSpecial Directives350 and 351
XVIIIEmergency Provisions352 to 360
XIXMiscellaneous361 to 367
XXAmendments of the Constitution368
XXITemporary, Transitional and Special Provisions369 to 392
XXIIShort Title, Commencement, Authoritative Text in Hindi and Repeals393 to 395

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