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Contemporary Political Thought I- Lenin


Vladimir Iliych Ulyanov
  • Vladimir Iliych Ulyanov was a Russian Leader also known as Lenin was a Russian politician, revolutionary and political thinker.
  • He headed the Soviet Russian for a period 1917 - 24.
  • He was mostly instrumental as a leader in October Revolution and form Socialist Government in Russian after out rule Tsar and Capitalist Government in Russia.
  • He strongly followed the principles of Karl Marx and established his own version referred as Leninism.

Political Ideology of Lenin

  • A staunch Marxist, Lenin strongly believed in the works of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. He was a leader of proletarians and firmly believed that in the end the humans will attain a classless, stateless, egalitarian society in which workers will be owner of themselves.
  • To establish this in Russia he imagined a government, which fully controls the resources of the country, and all the citizens were the employees of the state.
  • Centrally planned view of Government was practically operated firstly in Russia and some of its components were used in Planning in India after independence.

Lenin About Democracy

Lenin About Democracy

Lenin believed that Representative Democracy was an ambiguous form of Democracy. It given an illusion to democracy but it is actually created by bourgeoisie class to benefit themselves.

Lenin in Contemporary Times

  • As Lenin was a revolutionary in nature, so the present government of Russia is keeping itself at a distance from the thoughts of Lenin.
  • Last in April 2020, mark the 150th Anniversary of Lenin but it was not celebrated the way it was at 100th Anniversary.
  • Lenin՚s explanation of Marxist ideology and his towards establishing Socialism as an alternative of Capitalism gain substantial coverage all over the world and presented a view of governance, which remained effective for many decades.

Works of Lenin

  • Lenin considered capitalism as an evil for the world society and imperialism being its zenith.
  • Lenin believed in peace and a more centralized economy of Russia and the same reflected in his decisions to remain neutral in First World War.
  • He considered First WW as a result of capitalism and firmly consider that war will ultimately result in establishment of socialist governments around the world.

Questions, Which Should be Covered

1-Most important contributions of Lenin to contemporary thoughts?

2-Does the socialism of Lenin was an answer to Capitalism?

3-Lenin՚s political ideology was more than a personal belief. It was an economic requirement of contemporary Russia?

4- Central Planning in early Independent India was influenced by Russian way of planning?


0: 00 Contemporary Political Thought- Lenin

0: 14 Introduction of Lenin

1: 56 Political Ideology of Lenin

4: 35 Lenin about Democracy

5: 15 Lenin in Contemporary Times

7: 36 Works of Lenin

8: 40 Questions About Lenin

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