Competitive Exams: Political Science Notes Difference between Writ Jurisdiction of SC and HC

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Difference between the Writ Jurisdiction of the SC and the HC

  1. The Supreme Court issues the Writ (under Art. 32) only in cases of the violation of the Fundamental Rights, whereas the High Courts (under Art. 226) can issue the writs not only for the enforcement of the Fundamental Rights but also for redressal of any other injury or illegality, provided certain conditions are satisfied. Thus in a way, the writ jurisdiction of the High Court is wider than the Supreme Court.
  2. Art. 32 imposes on the Supreme Court a duty to issue the Writs, whereas no such duty is imposed on the High Court by Art. 226.
  3. The jurisdiction of the Supreme Court extends all over the country, whereas that of the High Court only to the territorial confines of the particular state and the Union Territory to which its jurisdiction extends.

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