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Ecologism: Development, Schools, Ideas | Political Science


Ecologism is a new political ideology based on the position that the non-human world is worthy of moral consideration, and that this should be taken into account in social, economic, and political systems.

Studies in Ecologism

In the 1970s, a political theory was developed that explained environmental and social problems as results of mismanagement of the ecological system: ecologism. Ecologism is not a monolithic doctrine: its advocates often disagree on e. g. , the (relative) moral value of nature, animals, and humans, the cause of environmental problems, and on goals and means.

Development of Ecologism

  • Like many other political theories, ecologism evolved in response to an encounter between existing theories and unforeseen, theoretically inexplicable or unfeasible problems. In the case of ecologism.
  • The deciding factor was the emergence of a long series of natural, social and political problems that were apparently only accidentally related to one another: food scarcity and underdevelopment, the extinction of species, eutrophication and pollution, resource scarcity crises and so on.
  • Ecologism introduced a framework in which these problems could be understood as explicable and interconnected: they were all supposedly related to mismanagement of the ecology, the ecological system

Schools in Ecologism

These differences explain the existence of three schools within ecologism:

  • Ecologism in the strict sense,
  • Environmentalism, and
  • Ecological pragmatism.

Ideas of Ecologism

Ecologism defends a radical reform of society, zero economic growth and a reduction of the population, an adaptation of cultures and consumption patterns to regional ecological circumstances, and the protection of nature against every form of irreversible destruction.

Important Questions

  • Ecologism being a conservative idea has successfully created its space in liberal discourses?
  • Consideration of environment as a major factor into the studies of political science is primary requirement in order to establish it as a pure science?