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Judicial Reforms

In order to make the judiciary more responsive to the needs of people and speed up the process of justice, make it more accessible and reduce costs, the following must be done:

  • computerisation of the whole country for quick disposal of cases
  • fill up vacancies. Presently, there are about 20 per cent vacancies in Supreme Court. The sanctioned strength of the Allahabad High Court is 77 but it has never ever reached in its history.
  • competent and able members of the Bar are to be ‘attracted’ to the judicial posts at the subordinate level.
  • granting of admission orders and stay orders must be curtailed.
  • the high level of court fees prescribed by many state governments must be reduced as it adds to the cost of justice.
  • delays add to costs more the delays, more the adjournments and more the cost of litigation and so delays must be cut; not more than two adjournments are to be permitted.
  • the problem of arrears can be solved by strict enforcement of Art. 141, which says that the rulings of the Supreme Court are binding on all courts.
  • the rules regarding adjournments given in Order of the Civil Procedure Code must be strictly followed soThat repeated adjournments are not made.

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