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Jai Prakash Narayanan: Life Sketch, Political Thoughts, Sarvodaya Society | Political Science

Title: Modern Indian Political Thought- Jai Prakash Narayanan


Jai Prakash՚s Sarvodaya is a social restructuring movement through which he tried to establish a social justice providing good life and welfare of all. This society wants to reconstruct the present society, property, wealth and land for the welfare of the common man.

Life Sketch

  • Jayaprakash Narayan, (born October 11,1902, Sitab Diyara, India died October 8,1979, Patna) , was an Indian political leader and theorist.
  • Narayan was educated at universities in the United States, where he became a Marxist. Upon his return to India in 1929, he joined the Indian National Congress (Congress Party) . In 1932 he was sentenced to a year՚s imprisonment for his participation in the civil disobedience movement against British rule in India. Upon release he took a leading part in the formation of the Congress Socialist Party, a left-wing group within the Congress Party, the organization that led the campaign for Indian independence.
  • In 1948 he, together with most of the Congress Socialists, left the Congress Party and in 1952 formed the Praja Socialist Party. Soon becoming dissatisfied with party politics, he announced in 1954 that he would thenceforth devote his life exclusively to the Bhoodan Yajna Movement, founded by Vinoba Bhave, which demanded that land be distributed among the landless. His continuing interest in political problems, however, was revealed when in 1959 he argued for a “reconstruction of Indian polity” by means of a four-tier hierarchy of village, district, state, and union councils.

Political Thought of JP

  • Political thoughts of JP were focused on the development of marginal man and equal growth and distribution of wealth of each other. His vision about society may be viewed in light of following statement.
  • “The land is the gift of earth for human race which was used by the propertied persons where there was no law, rules and regulations.”

Jaiprakash՚s Idea of Total Revolution

Total Revolution

How to Achieve Sarvodaya Society

  • Bhudaan
  • Gyandaan
  • Sampattidan
  • Jeevandan
  • Saadhandan
  • Shramdaan
  • Gyaandaan/Buddhidaan
  • Sarvaswadan
  • Samaydaan


1. Which of the following leaders of modern India advocated for party less democracy?

2. The Sarvodaya of Jai Prakash is only focussed on the poor and marginalized people of the society?

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