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Modern Indian Thought Gandhi


Gandhi was one of the most influential personality of Indian Freedom Movement and his ideas on liberty, social justice, Sarvodaya, truth and nonviolence have shaped the mind of Indian throughout the generation.

Modern Indian Thought Gandhi

Ideas of Gandhi


  • He warned the poor to know that the rich cannot accumulate wealth without the cooperation of the poor in society. Therefore, he recommended non-cooperation and Civil disobedience as a means of changing their attitude and become trustees in the public interest instead of continuing as exploiters. The rich should either be converted into trustees or be completely isolated.
  • This way he tried to spiritualize economics and made it an instrument of Human dignity


Mahatma Gandhi admits that there are natural inequalities in men; he says that there should be economic equality and this type of equality comes from equal distribution. Equal distribution means that each man should have the necessary supply all he naturally wants and no more.

Gandhian Perspective of Development

The quintessence of Gandhian philosophy is that the human values and not the market should govern life. Service of the teeming millions, the poor - Daridranarayan - is of the utmost importance. Gandhi presents the humane face of development.

Gandhian Model of World Politics

  • Gandhian view of world politics has two aspects:-
    • Prophetic
    • Strategic
  • Ahimsa was a tool that shows case the ideology of Gandhi not in a of showing but also following it in true spirit.
  • The outermost circumference of power should not wield power to crush the inner circle, but will give strength to all within and derive its own strength from it.

Democracy and Fundamental Rights

β€œI understand democracy as something that gives the weak the same chance as the strong.” – M K Gandhi

β€œIn Swarajya based on Ahimsa people need not know their rights, but it is necessary for them to know their duties.” [Harijan, March 25,1939]

β€œIn Swarajya based on Ahimsa people need not know their rights, but it is necessary for them to know their duties.” [Harijan, March 25,1939]

Journals by Gandhi


Important Questions

  • Influence of Gandhian principles in making of constitution and post independent India?
  • Ahimsa, Satyagraha and Swadeshi as a tool to integrate the masses of different classes in India against British Rule?
  • Ideology of Gandhi was thought based not individual based?


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